Monthly Media Legends

We spend a lot of time on social media. Please try to hide your surprise.

But seriously, if you’ve ever felt guilty about your monthly media intake, you just think about us for a moment and you’ll be instantly ridded of your social media sins.

I’ll give you a little snapshot of a day-in-the-life (because no one’s ever done that before) of a social media. I wake up, turn off the alarm on my phone and well, it’s already in my hand then, it would seem foolish to put it down and start my day without first checking if something momentous has happened while I was asleep.

I get ready, go to work and switch on my computer. Mac’s are clever beasts and generally take a few minutes to wake up…spare time I hear you ask? Why yes, you’re right, oh look I’m on Instagram again.

Now my computer is turned on, what do I do all day? Yep, I’m on social media. Not just the one. All of them. All of the social medias!

Lunch. The sacred half an hour of AFK time. Chowing down, just rinsing off the Stories on my phone.

Back to work. You guessed it. Back on them socials.

You get the idea. Now I’ve written it down it does seem a little extreme, I promise I do all of the other stuff required to be a fully-functioning adult as well. But what I’m trying to say is, it’s not all bad. You just need to be following the right accounts.

If your feed is full of fake news and detrimental drivel you will go certifiably insane. It doesn’t take a psychologist to work that out. Weed out the waste and plant your feeds with seeds of social greatness!

Time on social media isn’t an antisocial avoidance of society. It’s putting your exterior on pause while you take a look at what the world is doing. It’s laughing, learning, talking, discussing, solving, finding and proving. All while you wait for a computer to boot-up. Are we wasting time, or making the most of it? Considering how much time we spend on these sites, we like to think we know who to follow (and who to avoid). So every month, we’ll be sharing Oh So Savvy’s top 5 Monthly Media Legends. You’re welcome.


1.) Social Media of Dreams

Valentine’s Day is a social media frenzy, but sometimes brands come through and deliver pure gold. One of our team was targeted by this ad on Instagram (No idea why). We think it’s great. Bold move Dreams, props from us.

2.) Hitting Us With All The Felines

The original #CatDad thread was circling back in 2018 but we spotted it doing the rounds on Facebook recently. It’s about as wholesome as it gets and definitely a mood-lifter.

3.) National Treasure

It doesn’t really get much better. Granted, it’s not exactly a small account, but National Geographic should be a staple social follow for all media store cupboards. There’s no way you could ever get bored of seeing consistently stunning imagery in your feed.

4.) Big Fat Chubby Cheek Celeb

If you haven’t seen him already – go and stalk Lewis Capaldi on Twitter and Instagram right now! If you like Scottish guys, crude humour and heart-breaking vocals, this is one for you!

5.) Lovely Jubblies

Ta Daa! Our Monthly Media Legend this month has to be… @Coppafeelpeople! Great cause, great people, great content. They’re absolutely smashing the social medias and saving lives in the process. #FineArtFridays is our eternal Friday mood. Give them a follow, share with your pals. They deserve every bit of recognition they get.

Sarah – Oh So Savvy

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