How does it work?

We have two types of courses on Oh So Savvy. Short courses where our Founder Katherine shares her social media wisdom in a simple, easy to understand way… although just a warning, she tends to talk a little fast when she’s excited.

We also offer longer, guided courses that teach you how to do the tricky elements of social media marketing. These longer courses are step-by-step video lessons, some even have printable booklets, flowcharts and extras to help you master things.

Courses are either free (yes, completely free) or paid. The free courses are a great introduction, while the paid courses are a little more technical.

You can either buy the paid courses one at a time or sign up for Savvy membership, whichever is best for you.

Is the Free-Forever membership really free?

Of course! The Free-Forever membership is just that, free forever. You can enjoy all of your free courses and resources for as long as you like, with no obligation to ever upgrade (unless you really want to of course).

What do I get with the paid Savvy membership?

Savvy membership grants you access to all our paid courses, paid resources, our monthly Savvy Master Mind sessions, access to all our free resources and discount on Katherine’s “Power Sessions” or “Ask me anything Q&As”. These are one-to-one training and consultancy times, which are hosted throughout the year.

How much is Savvy membership?

The paid Savvy membership is currently £12.50 per month.

How do I upgrade from a Free Account to become a Savvy Member?

If you have signed up for a free account, to get access to the Savvy Membership you will have to subscribe. To do this go to your account page, select “Update account”, on the next page select the “Intro membership” and enter your payment details.

Do you offer live lessons?

Katherine hosts regular live training events as a Facebook Blueprint Lead Trainer and as a #SheMeansBusiness mentor. These happen over in her Facebook group called “Social Media Training with Facebook Blueprint Lead Trainer Katherine George”, we know, it’s a catchy name. Simply click the link, answer the membership questions and join the group.

How often do you upload courses?

All of our Free Forever courses are already uploaded on the website and you can access these as soon as you sign up. We upload new courses to all levels as often as we can.

Why is it priced in £?

This is an easy one, we are based in the UK which is why we are priced in £GBP instead of dollars.

Do you offer training in person?

Yes, our sister company Oh So Social offers in-person training events throughout Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Plus, you can book one-to-one in-person time with Oh So Savvy and Oh So Social Founder Katherine held in Cornwall. Find out more here.

Can I have private one-to-one training?

Yes, you can book one-to-one training with Social and Savvy Founder Katherine. Katherine is a multi award-winning social media marketing expert, Facebook Blueprint Lead Trainer and one of only 24 Facebook & Instagram accredited mentors in the UK. You can book time with Katherine throughout the year in her “Power Session” or “Ask me anything” events. If you need some time with Katherine quicker or face-to-face, head over to sister company Oh So Social and find out more.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time, to do this simply go to your account page, select “Update account” and select “Free” from your subscription level.

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