How does it work?

Each course includes a step-by-step video lesson and printable booklets to use as a guide. Our Intro Level lessons are pre-recorded walkthroughs, aimed to help those fairly new to social media. Our Intermediate lessons are regularly updated Facebook Live lessons, given at a faster pace with greater detail.

Which level do I need?

If you haven’t yet set up your social media business accounts we would recommend starting with the Free Forever level. Once you’ve set up your accounts, you’re ready for the Intro level where we cover the basics of brand and marketing. If you are confident, we recommend upgrading to our Intermediate membership where we cover in-depth social media strategy. For more info head to our membership page.

How do I get access to the Intro and Intermediate levels?

If you have signed up for a free account, to get access to the next levels you will have to subscribe and pay for each level. To do this go to your account page, select “Update account” on the next page select the membership level you want and enter your payment details.

How often do you upload courses?

All of our Free Forever courses are already uploaded on the website, and you can access these as soon as you sign up. We upload new courses to different levels as often as we can, plus every month we host Facebook Live lessons for our Intro and Intermediate members, these are hosted on Facebook then uploaded to the website once the lesson is completed.

What different courses do you have?

We have pre-recorded lessons, screen recorded lessons and live lessons. Why so many? The courses which need more support have been pre-recorded to include lots of face-to-face advice and guidance; the screen recorded lessons have more technical information and need more screentime, Katherine teaches while sharing a practical guide for you to follow on screen and; live lessons are exactly that, live lessons where you can ask questions, comments and watch live. Meaning Oh So Savvy really has social media training for everyone.

After watching the videos on the website what do I do?

We recommend joining the Facebook groups. For the Free level we have an open Facebook group called Savvy Entrepreneur Support Group. This is free to join and there is space to talk to other new business owners and start-ups. The paid levels have access to a closed Facebook group where the monthly live lessons are hosted, and you have the opportunity to ask the experts questions.

Why is it priced in £?

This is an easy one, we are based in the UK which is why we are priced in £GBP instead of dollars.

Do you offer training in person?

Yes, our sister company Oh So Social offers in-person training events throughout Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Plus, you can book one-to-one in person time with Oh So Savvy and Oh So Social Founder Katherine held in Cornwall. Find out more here.

Can I have private one-to-one training?

Yes you can book one-to-one training with Social and Savvy Founder Katherine George, Katherine is a multi award winning social media marketing expert and one of only 24 Facebook & Instagram accredited mentors in the UK. You can book personal social media training with Katherine either in person held in Cornwall or via Skype. Find out more here.

I’m not available for the next Facebook live lesson, what do I do?!

Don’t worry, all the live lessons stay on the Savvy Members Facebook group and can be watched at any time.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time, to do this simply go to your account page, select “Update account” and select “Free” from your subscription level.

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