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Social Media and Mental Health Part 3: Summary

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Live Training This Month

It’s a brand new year and a brand new month, so it’s the perfect time to start boosting your social media skills for a busy and successful 2022. This month our founder and social media expert Katherine George will be talking TikTok, explaining the benefits of social media ads and how to plan an effective. More…


Easy things to do to make your social media awesome in 2022

If one of your New Year resolutions is to shine on social media this year, then we’ve got some simple tips and ideas to get you on the right track in 2022. Show up One of the largest parts in doing well on social media is simply showing up. Remember to post frequently on all. More…


How to… Turn off the Instagram ‘Like’ count

Instagram can often feel like a popularity contest. “But it’s all about the Likes though, right?” we hear you cry. Well, no, actually. The obsession over the number of ‘likes’ a post gets (or doesn’t get) can end up taking over, and can affect your mental health. So, if you find yourself despairing when someone. More…

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