Four Reasons to Avoid Autoposting

Your website is home to a wealth of content about your business, so it can be tempting to save yourself time and effort by utilising autoposting features to share your news, blog posts and other updates on your social media channels direct from your website. Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s because it is.

Let us share with you why you should be resisting the temptation to autopost on your socials – trust us, it’s not worth it!

It looks lazy

This is a simple one. Autoposting might be saving you precious time (and believe us, we understand how there isn’t enough hours in the day when you run a business) but ultimately, it looks like you haven’t made any effort with your pages. Your followers have chosen to follow you for a reason, so make sure you’re rewarding their loyalty with engaging and useful content that reflects your target audience and the networks you are posting to.

Tags won’t work

When autoposting you can’t include hashtags or tags to other profiles in your posts. This might not seem like a dealbreaker, but think: how will new users find you? Hashtags increase the reach of your posts and your business’ brand awareness, while tagging other accounts when relevant helps to encourage engagement. Both are crucial when looking to grow your business online.

You can’t customise

The key to great, thumb-stopping content is that it hooks in the user to find out more. The problem with autoposting straight from your website is that you are unable to edit your posts to make them more engaging and stand out for all of the right reasons in an ocean of social media posts.

Plus, content should be curated differently depending on whether you’re posting to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on, as they are very different platforms with very different audiences and uses.

If you’re autoposting from your blog or news page, social media users are more likely to scroll on by rather than click through to your website and find out more about your business.

Missed opportunities

If you’re relying on autoposting to fulfil all of your content needs, then you will be missing out on tonnes of opportunities to boost your reach and engagement online. From daily trends through to sharing content about a relevant newsworthy topic, you’re overlooking valuable chances to increase your reach, engagement and, ultimately, your brand awareness on social media.

Now you’ve seen the importance of taking the time to create your own engaging content, why not take a look at our time-saving tools and planners? From Social Media Calendars to Trending Hashtags, Oh So Savvy members will find it easy to get organised and schedule successful content.

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