Preparing for Black Friday and Christmas

As a small business, you may think that the only key date coming up to be worrying about is Christmas. Yes, it’s the big one, obviously. But have you considered the importance of Black Friday?

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the US, is no longer just a day of mega discounts in American stores. Whether you’re based in the US, the UK, or elsewhere, chances are Black Friday is now a key date in the marketing calendar. Promotions often last all weekend until Cyber Monday, and signal the start of Christmas shopping season.

We may already be in November, but there are still ways to prepare for Black Friday – and think ahead for Christmas.

It’s not rocket science

Getting involved with the Black Friday hype doesn’t have to be daunting. What is the day best known for? Discounts! Something as simple as running a flash sale on the day or over the weekend is the easiest way to make the most of this marketing phenomenon. An added bonus is not only encouraging repeat sales from your existing customers, you also tempt new ones to try your products or services.

Start hinting

Even if you’ve only just decided to run a Black Friday discount, make sure your customers are aware you’re taking part this year. Start dropping hints now about your upcoming sale to encourage newsletter sign-ups or social media follows and to ensure you have the biggest audience of interested customers ready to buy when the discounts hit.

If you haven’t tried out social media advertising yet, this is a brilliant time to test it out. For a small budget, you can reach hundreds of potential new customers with a Facebook Ad promoting your sale (this also applies to Christmas!)

Stand out

Not wanting to do a sale? No problem! Alternative promotions surrounding Black Friday work equally well. Whether it’s donating to charity for every sale made on Black Friday or a token free gift with each purchase, it’s all positive for your brand.

It’s never too early

Christmas in November? There’s a reason why shops and brands are all in with Christmas early. Think about your own personal Christmas shopping for a moment. Chances are you’ve already started buying, or at least planning, your gifts for loved ones. So share your seasonal content now – to catch the organised shoppers when they’re spending, and to showcase your products to those who will be buying soon.

Don’t forget the last posting dates! Plan content accordingly to maximise sales in time for Christmas delivery.

No product, no problem

Just because you can’t wrap it, doesn’t mean it won’t make a great Christmas gift. If you own a service-based business, it’s time to get creative. Vouchers make fantastic gifts (that are easy to post!) so if you don’t already offer these, time to start. Whether it’s an experience day, a beauty treatment or a day out, vouchers are always a popular option at Christmas. Chances are, the recipients of your vouchers may become repeat customers in the future.

Need a refresher?

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