Time to take it up a level!

So you’ve set up your social media pages, perfected your tone of voice and have tried out your first set of Facebook Adverts thanks to our detailed tutorials available in the Savvy Intro Level – but what’s next? Well, it’s time to get excited as the Savvy Intermediate Level is launching in April!

Aimed at digital nomads, marketing assistants, established entrepreneurs and small business owners, the Savvy Intermediate Level membership gives you everything you can access in the Intro Level, plus so much more.

The Savvy Intermediate Level offers longer, more advanced courses through monthly live lessons to give you the skills and knowledge to really help you drive your business forward.

We will be beginning with a live Social Media Strategy lesson, during which our leader Katherine George will cover, in detail, how to develop your own powerful and successful social media strategy for your growing business. From how to audit your social media pages and identifying your audiences to implementing your strategy and adjusting it for new campaigns, this in-depth live lesson will cover everything you need to know.

Other advanced topics to look forward to include Tracking Pixels, Custom Audiences and the more complicated side of social media.

That’s not all though, as with your Savvy Intermediate Level membership you can also reap the benefits of 30-minutes one-to-one support from the experts at Oh So Savvy each month – just remember to book your time with us in advance so you can get your questions answered.

This is combined with all of the goodies available with our Free and Intro memberships, including access to the secret Savvy group where we share daily inspiration, weekly trends, social media cheat sheets and more.

The Intermediate Level offers all of this for just £35 per month, giving you more detailed training and resources to push your social media marketing forward.

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