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Oh So Savvy is the home of online social media training. We have everything from free online training courses for beginners to monthly live lessons for experienced marketeers, marketing managers and social media managers, as well as printable social media guides, calendars and workbooks to help you get social media Savvy!

If your brand and business could do with some TLC, social media is the friend it needs. We’re here to make that introduction for you.

Hello [insert Your business name here], this is social media. Say hi.

Our free online social media courses are the first impression. The awkward, do we hug or handshake? The small talk that begins a lifelong partnership. It’s alright, no one is a social media expert straight away, it’ll take you two some time to get to know each other. Use our free training to acquaint yourselves, spend an evening together, grab a pizza, you don’t have to rush into things.

Then once you’re ready, skip to the good bit and become a Savvy member to supercharge your social media and digital marketing, while we teach you all you need to know.

Remember, we’re here to help. We’re best mates with social media, we know it well, we’ll help you guys out. Our members can contact us for support at any time, just remember we’re in the UK (and we do need to sleep…sometimes).

We’re still stretching our legs at the moment and are working on Oh So Savvy version 2, but while we’re working hard you can still start your social media journey, oh and if you could tell us what you think along the way, that would be fab!

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Time to Get Savvy

Looking to grow your brand and your business? Social media is an easy way to get noticed. If you lack the knowledge to achieve the results you need on social media, we’re here to help. Our affordable online courses, combined with friendly support and guidance from our team of Savvy experts, will let you master your social media presence at a time and pace that suits you.

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